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Guaranteed Return on Membership

Most networking groups exist and focus on holding events or socials where you are suppose to network with other people. Other networking groups do a better job of forming groups of like-minded people, but fail in the aspect of being led by volunteers looking to help out their own business. Here's where the Montana Business Network comes in and differentiates us from the rest and offers a new model to help out Montana professionals the most which is in the ONLINE WORLD.

Montana Business Coaching

Coach Led Groups

Forget volunteers. Every Montana Business Network Group is led by a business coach with a background in web and marketing who is out with the primary goal of helping YOU! Become part of a team where we'll get you on the road to success and have fun doing it!

Montana Business Knowledge

Build Your Knowledge

You are part of a team and led by a coach with a mission of improving each other's businesses. Our groups have real business discussions about important trends happening in marketing and even about your community. Knowledge is power and being informed will help you make better decisions.

Montana Marketing ROI

Instant Marketing ROI

Other groups throw out huge ROI (return on investment) numbers to make you think you are missing out. Great marketing technique. The fact is committing to a group takes up an essential commodity...YOUR TIME. We offer 100% marketing return on your membership.

Helena Mt Business Network Professional Week

Feb 5th - Feb 9th, 2024

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Bozeman Mt Business Network Professional Week

Feb 12th - Feb 16th, 2024

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Missoula Mt Business Network Professional Week

Feb 19th - Feb 23rd, 2024

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Great Falls Mt Business Network Professional Week

Feb 26th - Mar 1st, 2024

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Billings Mt Business Network Professional Week

Mar 4th - Mar 8th, 2024

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Kalispell Mt Business Network Professional Week V2

Mar 11th - Mar 15th, 2024

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